Payday loans open Sunday -Online payday lenders: Start Request a loaning now!!

Do you want to get a loan without leaving your home? An online loan available without leaving your home may meet your expectations. What’s more, the offers of some financial institutions mean that you can go without earnings certificates!

Online payday lenders: Start Request a loaning now!!

The Internet gives Internet users the opportunity to use services and purchase products without having to establish a personal relationship with the seller. Banks also actively operate in the Internet sphere, which is manifested primarily in electronic banking. They sometimes grant loans over the internet.

Financial product: online loan, or rather an online loan for proof, also non-bank companies have in their offers in the form of payday loans. This mode of granting financial obligations is easier for them than for banks because they do not have to meet the stringent requirements regarding the assessment of clients’ creditworthiness when granting loans.

Do you know that…

Recommendation T, issued by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, obliges banks and cooperative savings and credit unions to use databases when assessing the creditworthiness of a retail customer to verify the level of customer debt and the history of repayment of their liabilities. In this regard, banks should use their own and external databases, including from the database of the Credit Information Bureau or Economic Information Bureaus.

Internet payday loans are offered by https://paydayrelay.com/. Loan companies can grant them by correspondence using remote channels, in a very short time, even within a dozen or so minutes of submitting the loan application. These include online loans for ID or online loans without certificates, granted solely on the basis of a loan application, with personal ID details entered, including:

  • name and surname,
  • address
  • ID card number,
  • PESEL number.

Loan companies that offer payday loans check the customer’s credibility online using verification transfers for a symbolic amount of PLN 1 or PLN 0.01 or special applications. They can also reach for information from BIK and other databases.

Do you know that…

Many loan companies, e.g. Wonga.com, have a cooperation agreement with BIK and will check the loan history of a potential borrower at BIK before granting an online loan. Bad entries, however, do not cause immediate rejection of an online loan application, unlike the bank offer.

Online loan – in banks and non-bank companies

In many banks in Poland, you can take an online loan. It is a financial product that allows external financing of a customer who meets the conditions set by the lending institution to obtain a loan.


Customers who can count on online loans:

  • have sufficient creditworthiness,
  • have a positive credit history at the Credit Information Bureau,
  • submit a loan application with the required attachments,
  • establish appropriate loan repayment security – if required.

The online loan is therefore granted in practice on the same terms as any other bank loan. Most often, banks have this offer for customers who already have an account or other product in the same institution. The bank can easily confirm the client’s financial situation, for example, based on the personal account history, and issue a credit decision.

The online loan is granted online, i.e. in a non-cash form, with payment to the client’s account, although the loan agreement is usually delivered to the address indicated by the borrower by courier. After signing, it is sent back to the headquarters of the bank that provides financing.

See where to take an online loan from banks (examples):

  • Clarke Bank – online cash loan is available Clarke Cash for CLICK, up to 30,000 zł;
  • Dyer Bank – online cash loan of up to PLN 20,000 zł;
  • Harrison – 100% online cash loan Only current Harion customers will receive online.

How do you complete the formalities by taking online loans?

Banks providing online loans require their clients to complete similar formalities as for stationary commitments. It is, therefore, necessary to sign a loan agreement, in which the lender undertakes to grant a financial commitment to the borrower, giving him a cash amount that he can use in the manner indicated in the loan agreement. The borrower undertakes to repay the loan together with accrued interest and other fees within the period specified in the contract.

The internet loan is also granted on the basis of a relevant agreement, which is in accordance with the banking law. Internet payday loans can be granted in a different mode, based on the provisions of the Civil Code. It stipulates that the loan agreement does not have to be in writing, although most often it happens, and the agreement is also sent to the client online to the e-mail address provided.

An online loan agreement can be signed:

  • 100 percent via the Internet, when a loan agreement is approved by the customer online, by logging into the bank’s website and confirming it with the activation code;
  • via courier – the bank sends the loan agreement by courier, which after checking the documents gives the contract to the customer to sign;
  • at a bank branch – in this case, only the online loan application is submitted via the internet, and then the customer after receiving a positive credit decision must report to the bank to sign the contract.

Online loan without BIK only in non-bank companies

In the category of online loans for proof and loans, payday loans are indisputably ahead of loan companies that treat the internet as one of the most important channels to reach customers. Among the advantages of payday loans over the internet, or actually non-bank loans online, are undoubted:

  • easy access to credit;
  • the possibility of applying for and obtaining a loan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • formalities kept to a minimum;
  • the possibility of obtaining an online loan without income certificates;
  • Internet loan without BIK – loan companies in many cases grant loans online without checking the history of loans in BIK.

An online loan without certificates is most often in the form of a non-bank loan, granted outside the banking system. However, online loans can also be taken from banks, but they are usually limited in amount and it is an online cash loan, intended mainly for regular customers of a given bank.

5 keys to not get into debt with mini credits

Today I want to talk about mini-credits , a financial product that does not take too much time with us, that many people are still not clear about its operation and that it is important to know why they are increasingly on everyone’s lips.

A product that has very clear dangers but that well used can solve certain specific economic troubles

debt loan

To avoid these dangers of indebtedness and know how to use them better than the tips and tricks of one of the leading companies in the sector such as PepeDinero.

And that is what you will find next. A series of tips for you to know when you can and when you can not request a mini-loan and you have to do to never get into debt.

Since the mini loans were born, more and more people are choosing this financing system when they need urgent money instead of going through the bank window.

And it is that mini credits offer many advantages: they are fast, easy to hire, they ask for much less requirements than banks, they can be requested anywhere, anytime …

However, one of its big cons is that they are expensive and that, in addition, they have a great risk of over-indebtedness .

Responsibly used mini loans are a good financing system to get extra money for specific unforeseen expenses. However, if we misuse them we can end up enrolled in ASNEF or even in judicial proceedings.

5 keys to use mini credits and enjoy money without taking risks

5 keys to use mini credits and enjoy money without taking risks

1. Ask for just the exact amount of money you will need : The more money you ask, the more you will pay. Most mini loan companies allow you to contract a new loan once we have paid the first one.

Therefore, it is best to ask for the minimum amount of money possible and, if you need a new loan, repay the first one and request another one.

2. Approximate the expiration date at the time you charge : Before requesting a mini credit it is important to plan and make sure that we will not exceed the repayment term.

If we do not pay on time, the lenders will start to apply commissions and the credit can end up being very expensive.

Some companies such as PepeDinero offer the hiring of extensions to be able to extend the term.

3. Do not chain mini credits : Although, as we have already indicated, it is usually possible to contract a new mini loan once you have paid the first one, it is not the most recommended practice.

The mini credits are designed to be used in a timely manner to cover unforeseen expenses, but they are not designed as a source of recurring financing. The more mini loans we ask for, the higher the risk of over-borrowing.

4. Compare : Almost all mini-loan companies have similar performances, but not all of them have the same prices.

Many companies offer discounts, attractive prices and even free credits to attract new customers.

Compare and take advantage of offers to save the most .

5. Contact your lender : Extensions, free early repayments … Many lenders offer facilities to their clients to avoid over-borrowing. If you have any questions or have had any problem with your mini credit and you are not going to pay it in the agreed term, contact your lender and look for solutions.

Although mini loans are relatively simple financial products, since they usually only charge interest and do not apply commissions or require the contracting of related products, as in any other type of loan, it is important to read the contract well and make sure you have understood All terms before applying for the loan .

What happens if I don’t pay my mini loan?

What happens if I don

Although each company has its methods, in general most follow a similar process in case of default:

1. If the due date has arrived and you have not yet paid, you will be contacted by phone / e-mail to remind you of the payment.

2. They will start charging you late payment interest.

3. If you still do not pay, from the 2nd installment you will be included in a list of delinquents such as ASNEF or RAI.

The most advisable thing is to resolve the debt as soon as possible since the interest of late payment will increase the credit more and more and, while we are in ASNEF, we will not be able to access the traditional bank credit.

If we begin to accumulate debt we may even end up in legal proceedings. Therefore, before hiring a mini loan it is vital to make sure that we will be able to pay it on time.

Go Through a Mortgage Simulator

The current situation of low rates and the rise of it, announced for very soon, encourage more and more individuals to want to buy real estate. To prepare for this type of transaction, it is better to opt for a mortgage simulation. Indeed, the latter has advantages but also limits. However, credit simulation is essential before you sign the contract with the lender. It will allow you to evaluate the cost of the loan and will let you know all the possibilities in relation to your loan. It is therefore essential to go through this means, in order to determine if the operation is profitable, before carrying out your real estate acquisition project.


The operation of the mortgage simulation

The operation of the mortgage simulation

Before signing any bank credit agreement, you are advised to go through a mortgage loan simulation. This is a tool that will allow you to estimate your loan, so choose the type of credit that would be best suited to your situation or your profile. To qualify for this type of system, you must enter the amount you want to borrow, the duration of the loan and also the interest rate granted to the credit.

The loan simulator will allow you to calculate the amount of monthly payments that you will have to pay. It is therefore recommended to adjust the elements according to your wishes, so that you can find the best financing to carry out your project. From the information you have entered, the credit simulator can tell you how much money you can borrow. It may happen that you want to vary the duration of your loan and this is relatively feasible, because you will have several simulation results. You can then choose the type of credit that suits you best. For the calculation of the period of payment, it is the monthly payment that you want and the rate of loan that will be filled. Indeed, these elements will allow the tool to calculate the best duration adapted for your loan.


Find the best deal with a mortgage simulation


It should be noted that financial institutes and banks are primarily traders. These organizations will not hesitate to use all their effort to try to seduce you. Especially since they are considered present on the market, which implies that the competition is very tough. Generally, they attract your attention by offering attractive rates of borrowing, that is to say, more competitive than those of their challengers. Faced with this, you may find yourself in a situation where you will not be able to differentiate the reliable offer from the scam. Hence the need to perform the mortgage loan simulation. Thus, you can compare the offers to choose the one that seems advantageous and adapted to your profile. Before you start the project, make sure that the simulator gives you all the necessary and detailed answers to help you make the best decisions. These answers include monthly payments, the insurance you have to pay and the various costs associated with it. The credit simulator has the advantage of being easy to use, in addition to being free and requiring no commitment.


What are the limits of a mortgage simulation?

What are the limits of a mortgage simulation?

A lot of factors are at stake, regarding the amount of credit that the lender can grant you. Which implies that mortgage simulation can be a bit difficult.

Indeed, all simulators do not necessarily take into account all the elements necessary for a consistent simulation. Some sites may only ask you for your monthly net income without requiring the amount of your contribution.

If you have a low income, expect to claim less, because the higher your reward, the more you get into trouble. This is how the 1/3 rule works, repayment monthly payments do not exceed more than 33% of your monthly net income. Like what, your professional situation is important for the constitution of your application for mortgage.

Your ability to save is also a critical factor in estimating the value of your contribution when reviewing your file. Of course, if you are in bank overdraft, it will not work in your favor.

Switching banks can be easy

When was the last time you changed your phone operator? What about a bank?

Probably most have switched to telecom operators more often than to their bank. Finns are notoriously quick to change their bank , and it has not always been made easy for customers.

However, loyalty is not worthwhile in this regard, and it is worth comparing the options carefully, as with all other products and services. Banks are not a special case.

Banks actually rely on people not changing banks or comparing products, even though comparing bank loans , for example, is worthwhile . The critical deals, comparative and competitive consumers will receive the best deals.

The consumer should bear in mind that centralization can bring benefits. 

Because people do not compare but remain clients of the same bank for life, there is no need to reward loyal customers to the extent that banking loyalty would pay off.

Changing your bank is easy to follow


Especially recently, Finns have been hearing a lot of news from the banking world, some of which has been pleasant and some has not. However, taking the next step, changing your bank instead of complaining, is often perceived as overwhelming.


Firstly, the transfer of basic banking services (such as an account) is free and there is a time limit of seven banking days for transfers. So switching a bank can also be really easy with a little preparation. We have instructions for changing your bank, whether you did it yourself or let the bank handle it for you. Both succeed!

  1. Do research, compare banks and their product range and services, and choose the one that suits you best. Who has the best credit card or customer service for your situation? Think about what services you want to associate with your account. Do you also want to transfer your loans and savings? Often the whole package is moved.
  2. Make a power of attorney authorizing the new bank to complete the change. The credentials will provide the account numbers you wish to transfer to the new bank. You can also authorize the bank to close your old account. Do not do this too quickly, as the transfer of direct debit information is not always at your fingertips.
  3. At this point, the issue is settled between the banks. They exchange information (including lists of regular payments to be made from accounts named in the proxy).
  4. Make a receipt for e-invoices in your new online bank.
  5. Some banks also take care of providing the new account number on behalf of the customer, for example to the tax authorities and the payer.

What do the banks not do for the customer?

  • Possible SEPA direct debits (Single Euro Payments Area) must be transferred by the customer. SEPA is a direct debit service for euro invoices in the euro payments area, which is rare in Finland.
  • Archived data will not be transferred. For example, you might want to print or save online statements.
  • E-invoices do not move from one bank to another.
  • The bank usually provides instructions on how to deal with these cases.

This is how you change your bank yourself

This is how you change your bank yourself

  1. Do research, compare banks and their product range and services, and choose the one that suits you best. Who has the best credit card or customer service for your situation? Think about what services you want to associate with your account. Do you also want to transfer your loans and savings? Often the whole package is moved.
  2. You will receive a new account number and debit cards. Discard old payment cards only after you have received new ones.
  3. Receive e-invoice receipt notifications in your new online bank
  4. Tell everyone who pays for your account your new account number and bank connection. Such benefits include salary, tax refunds or pension. So remember to tell your tax authorities or your employer!
  5. Also inform those you pay for. If you receive e-invoices or have a direct debit agreement, please let them know your new account number. Some banks like Nordea also transfer direct debits and recurring payments.
  6. Don’t close your old account right away as it can take time for your bank to transfer.

New bank, new account number – at least not yet

New bank, new account number - at least not yet

The customer still receives a new account number when switching banks, but this may change within a few years from the EU. In this sense, switching banks is still a very similar process to switching from a telecommunications operator years ago, when switching also meant a new number.

As long as banking comparisons and competitive tendering become as commonplace as telecoms operators, it will certainly become even simpler! We help you with bigger and smaller financial issues by comparing bank loans and credit cards for you.

Benefits of Applying for a Marketplace Loan

When asking for a loan, many users think of banks or financial institutions. But … do you know all the benefits of asking for a loan in a marketplace ? In this article we collect the main ones.


Advantages of asking for a loan in a marketplace

Once you understand the meaning of a marketplace, it is common to have doubts about whether or not to ask for a loan in a marketplace .

And when talking about marketplaces, we refer to the platforms that put buyers in contact with sellers. They can be marketplaces of products, services, jobs or other types.

In the case of Jerald Orich, we are a findtech company. We take care of comparing and negotiating the best loans of the top entities and we offer them to our users, in order to get the maximum amount of money and at the minimum possible interest.

But now, what are the main advantages of applying for a loan in a marketplace? We highlight the following:


The best possible conditions

credit condition

In Jerald Orich we search, compare and negotiate with the main financial institutions, in order to get you the best loans and credit cards. We offer you many more options than traditional banking, because at all times we will put in tray the option with the lowest interest in the market.


New sales channel

The marketplace is a new sales channel for users. A new alternative to consider to consider this type of financial products.


Independent service

Personalized loan adapted to you

Jerald Orich Loans is an independent service. We will offer our users the best offer of all our collaborators, so that we only win if you win. We are totally transparent.


Personalized loan adapted to you

Another of the benefits of requesting a loan in a marketplace is the customization and adaptability of the product. In the case of Jerald Orich, through our app you will have a FinScore that allows you to calculate your financial capacity. Based on this we can offer you the best loan, responsibly.


100% online service


One of the main benefits of marketplace such as Jerald Orich, is that we offer a completely online loan service . The process is totally fast and simple, without paperwork and without payroll.


Fast, in less than 24 hours

Getting a loan at Jerald Orich is fast, in less than 24 hours . It is perfect for you if you need to have an immediate amount of money, in order to cover a hole or face any unforeseen event.


A growing community

A growing community

Another advantage of hiring a loan from a marketplace is that it is a booming sector. In the case of Jerald Orich, it is a constantly growing community. We are more than 500,000 users and 97% would request a loan with us again.

Advantages of online personal payday loans this 2019

Asking for a personal payday loan is an increasingly common gesture, especially for all its advantages. But … do you know them? Next, we tell you what are the main advantages of applying for a personal payday loan in 2019.

Advantages of applying for a personal payday loan in 2019

Advantages of applying for a personal loan in 2019

Loans are more the order of the day than ever, since there are many reasons why we might need to resort to one: the payment of some studies, the purchase of a car, a trip, a wedding, a dental treatment, etc. .

They can come in handy to cover many holes and to deal with unforeseen events. So these are the great advantages of asking for a loan this year:

Money instantly without changing banks

Enjoy the best conditions on your loan without changing banks. Traditional banks for their part usually put obstacles, so if you do it online through a fintech company like Ophelia, you will not have to change entities.

Without paperwork

Without paperwork


Easy to meet requirements

Another advantage of applying for a loan at the present time, is that the requirements are more accessible than years ago and through conventional means (banks).

What requirements are we talking about? Be 18 years old, reside in Spain, have a valid ID, be a bank account holder and prove the level of income in some way (in the case of Ophelia, just connect your accounts to the app).

Make your dreams and goals come true

Through a personal payday loan in 2019 you can make all your dreams come true, your goals, undertake … In short, what do you want. Because money will be yours to spend on your honeymoon trip, to improve your training, to buy a car, etc. Do not put on barriers.

Skip the line in less than 24 hours

Since you process your application online, in less than 24 hours you will have the money you need in your bank account. And all this without queues, without waiting … is one of the great advantages of applying for a loan today, in full 2019.

How to apply for a personal payday loan in 2019?

How to apply for a personal loan in 2019?

If this is the first time you have asked yourself this question, you may not know where to look. Or it may be that you have gone to your bank and the conditions are not too attractive. Therefore, the best thing you can do is take a look at the loan simulator that you will find on the Ophelia website.

What do we propose? A loan of up to 40,000 euros to be repaid in comfortable installments, based on your FinScore (financial capacity).

You just have to tell us that you need this personal payday loan so that we can contact the collaborating financial institutions and thus offer the best possible conditions. A fully customized loan for you.

It is an increasingly common process. So if you need extra money to make any of your dreams come true, what are you waiting for to make the leap? Your FinScore will determine how much you can order and under what conditions, so you can order it safely and you can pay it without problems