Advantages of online personal payday loans this 2019

Asking for a personal payday loan is an increasingly common gesture, especially for all its advantages. But … do you know them? Next, we tell you what are the main advantages of applying for a personal payday loan in 2019.

Advantages of applying for a personal payday loan in 2019

Advantages of applying for a personal loan in 2019

Loans are more the order of the day than ever, since there are many reasons why we might need to resort to one: the payment of some studies, the purchase of a car, a trip, a wedding, a dental treatment, etc. .

They can come in handy to cover many holes and to deal with unforeseen events. So these are the great advantages of asking for a loan this year:

Money instantly without changing banks

Enjoy the best conditions on your loan without changing banks. Traditional banks for their part usually put obstacles, so if you do it online through a fintech company like Ophelia, you will not have to change entities.

Without paperwork

Without paperwork


Easy to meet requirements

Another advantage of applying for a loan at the present time, is that the requirements are more accessible than years ago and through conventional means (banks).

What requirements are we talking about? Be 18 years old, reside in Spain, have a valid ID, be a bank account holder and prove the level of income in some way (in the case of Ophelia, just connect your accounts to the app).

Make your dreams and goals come true

Through a personal payday loan in 2019 you can make all your dreams come true, your goals, undertake … In short, what do you want. Because money will be yours to spend on your honeymoon trip, to improve your training, to buy a car, etc. Do not put on barriers.

Skip the line in less than 24 hours

Since you process your application online, in less than 24 hours you will have the money you need in your bank account. And all this without queues, without waiting … is one of the great advantages of applying for a loan today, in full 2019.

How to apply for a personal payday loan in 2019?

How to apply for a personal loan in 2019?

If this is the first time you have asked yourself this question, you may not know where to look. Or it may be that you have gone to your bank and the conditions are not too attractive. Therefore, the best thing you can do is take a look at the loan simulator that you will find on the Ophelia website.

What do we propose? A loan of up to 40,000 euros to be repaid in comfortable installments, based on your FinScore (financial capacity).

You just have to tell us that you need this personal payday loan so that we can contact the collaborating financial institutions and thus offer the best possible conditions. A fully customized loan for you.

It is an increasingly common process. So if you need extra money to make any of your dreams come true, what are you waiting for to make the leap? Your FinScore will determine how much you can order and under what conditions, so you can order it safely and you can pay it without problems

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