Benefits of Applying for a Marketplace Loan

When asking for a loan, many users think of banks or financial institutions. But … do you know all the benefits of asking for a loan in a marketplace ? In this article we collect the main ones.


Advantages of asking for a loan in a marketplace

Once you understand the meaning of a marketplace, it is common to have doubts about whether or not to ask for a loan in a marketplace .

And when talking about marketplaces, we refer to the platforms that put buyers in contact with sellers. They can be marketplaces of products, services, jobs or other types.

In the case of Jerald Orich, we are a findtech company. We take care of comparing and negotiating the best loans of the top entities and we offer them to our users, in order to get the maximum amount of money and at the minimum possible interest.

But now, what are the main advantages of applying for a loan in a marketplace? We highlight the following:


The best possible conditions

credit condition

In Jerald Orich we search, compare and negotiate with the main financial institutions, in order to get you the best loans and credit cards. We offer you many more options than traditional banking, because at all times we will put in tray the option with the lowest interest in the market.


New sales channel

The marketplace is a new sales channel for users. A new alternative to consider to consider this type of financial products.


Independent service

Personalized loan adapted to you

Jerald Orich Loans is an independent service. We will offer our users the best offer of all our collaborators, so that we only win if you win. We are totally transparent.


Personalized loan adapted to you

Another of the benefits of requesting a loan in a marketplace is the customization and adaptability of the product. In the case of Jerald Orich, through our app you will have a FinScore that allows you to calculate your financial capacity. Based on this we can offer you the best loan, responsibly.


100% online service


One of the main benefits of marketplace such as Jerald Orich, is that we offer a completely online loan service . The process is totally fast and simple, without paperwork and without payroll.


Fast, in less than 24 hours

Getting a loan at Jerald Orich is fast, in less than 24 hours . It is perfect for you if you need to have an immediate amount of money, in order to cover a hole or face any unforeseen event.


A growing community

A growing community

Another advantage of hiring a loan from a marketplace is that it is a booming sector. In the case of Jerald Orich, it is a constantly growing community. We are more than 500,000 users and 97% would request a loan with us again.

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